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Online Business Expert Course

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Online Business Expert Course

AA Computer College Proudly Presenting the Online Business Expert Course. The first time this kind of course is being offered in Pakistan, where you will learn from the brand owners and get consultancy for your business. While learning this course you will have convert your business into a brand and Your income will boom to the next level.

See how much you can learn in just six months.

  1. How to develop and manage your brand site
  2. How to create and manage all social profiles of your brand
  3. How to run ad campaigns on all social platforms
  4. How to create e-commerce stores on different platforms
  5. How to sell your products on Amazon
  6. How to write quality content for your brand
  7. How to manage SMS marketing campaigns
  8. How to manage email and mobile marketing for your brand
  9. How to manage records and generate reports for your brand
  10. How to perform marketing keywords research for your brand
  11. How to create and manage YouTube channel for your brand
  12. How to create video ads for your brand
  13. How to create quality designs for your brands
  14. How to rank your brand content on google
  15. How to shoot your brand by using professional gadgets

We guarantee that you will completely convert your business to the online world before completing the course.

As this course is aimed at business owners, there is no age requirement to join, but ten seats are limited for effective learning.

With a 40% discount, the entire course for six months will cost you just 30000.

The actual course worth is 50000 for a complete course.

5000 registration fee will be charged distinctly.


Apply now: aacomputercollege.com/apply

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